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We believe in helping to preserve a “green” environment, which is why in early 2014, we purchased all new dry cleaning equipment. This equipment uses a 100% environmentally friendly cleaning process.


We use state-of-the-art pressing equipment. We also use a detergent that will keep your whites white and your darks dark. We also offer creased and pinned sleeves at no additional charge, per your request.

Household Services

Have a comforter or pillow cases that need to be cleaned? We can clean them! Have a dirty tablecloth? We do that too!

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"Regal Cleaners opened its door in Lakeland in 2003 with the philosophy of charging one low price for every garment."

About us

We have adopted the philosophy of charging one low price for every garment.
Most dry cleaners charge confusing, varied and much higher prices than we do.

This makes it difficult to know how much you’re paying to clean your garments. Throughout the years, we have continued to further enhance our store by making changes that benefit our customers. We have continually updated our equipment to the latest and best technologies available in the industry. People ask how we can charge such a low price while others charge significantly more. The answer to that question is not by cutting corners, as most would expect. Rather, it is that we stay on the cutting edge of continually evolving industry technologies. This allows us to eliminate costs that are commonly associated with dry cleaning. An example of this is, in early 2014 we switched to a 100% environmentally friendly process by investing in the newest and best equipment available. This allows us to stay away from smothering taxes and disposal fees that many dry cleaners continue to pay. We would rather invest in the “latest and greatest” instead of paying government-imposed fees, taxes and disposal charges. We are very proud to offer an environmentally-friendly cleaning process that works exceedingly well, while keeping our prices low and quality high.”

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    Up to date with new equipment

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    100% Environmentally Friendly

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    Making changes to benefit you

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Our On Demand Service is perfect for all of your Dry Cleaning needs.
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$2.50 Per garment

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