We are open Monday - Saturday 7am-7pm

Only $2.50 per garment! No extra fees!

Service Overview
We are proud to offer a complimentary pickup and delivery service at no additional cost to you! You read that right! You can get your garments cleaned and pressed for only $2.50 each! That’s the same as our in store pricing!

Here’s how it works:
After you complete your account setup via the link below, you will receive a text on your designated day. You must respond with “Yes” to the text, if a pickup is needed. Please have your bag out on your designated service day, no later than 7:00 AM. The order of our route changes on a weekly basis so please understand that your bag will not be picked up right at 7.

Order Minimum
There is a $12.75 minimum. This is equivalent to a 5 piece order. This minimum is ONLY if you respond yes. You will NOT be charged this minimum for saying no, or for not responding at all. Please understand if you don’t meet the minimum amount when you request service, you will be charged the difference. If you respond “Yes” and you don’t have your bag out by 7:00AM, you will be charged the minimum. 

Click on the link below to setup your account.